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by | Sep 1, 2020 | Creative HEAD Shoots

Twenty years in business is a big deal. So you kinda want to celebrate it in a big way. A 52-page photo-shoot in our September 2020 issue was the epic undertaking we chose to mark two decades of Creative HEAD and the brilliant collaborators who helped us along the way. And naturally, the team at Schwarzkopf Professional rose to the occasion in incredible style…

UK Essential Looks ambassador and artistic director at Rainbow Room International

Suzie has had an incredible career with many awards and accolades to back it up. Not only has she perfected her craft, she has always understood that education and inspiration are key in producing the best collections, and this understanding is what led her to become a Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador. From research and development to co-ordination, Suzie guides her team to create beautiful images. She is regarded as one of the most talented hairdressers in the country and Schwarzkopf Professional is forever proud to have her as part of its team.


I love this look. I wanted to create a bi-level bob with a natural finish. For the colour, I used Earthy Clay on the perimeter and underneath the cut to create shadow and depth, then lifted the top area, working in segment slices around the head shape, before toning with Igora Vibrance Ashy Cedar. For the cut, I worked through the base line, breaking in the strong lines. The darker colour choice under the lighter tones helps the cut to stand out, while giving the entire look a raw, earthy feel.Suzie McGill


Authentic Beauty Concept UK ambassador and owner of Joseph Ferraro Hair 

A skilled cutter and colourist, Joseph’s work is all about effortless beauty with a gritty, modern edge – an aesthetic that reflects the combination of his Australian roots and Yorkshire home. This relaxed take on glamour and thoroughly modern approach to styling make Joseph the perfect ambassador for Authentic Beauty Concept. In addition, Joseph continues to mentor young hairdressers through the organisation’s education evenings and live shows and is a regular on stage at high-profile events. Authentic Beauty Concept is incredibly proud to have Joseph as part of its movement.


 I wanted to create a soft, delicate, ethereal style but i also wanted a bit of punchiness. Something that is very on-trend, certainly with authentic beauty concept, is upcycling. I used an elastic – but you could use lace or shoelaces – to pull into the centre and secure my twisted braids. Basically, creating that punchiness but keeping everything soft and floaty. Joseph Ferraro



Global ambassador for Indola and creative director at Billi Currie Forty Seven Chiltern Street

Andy works as  part of the creative team at Indola on the brand’s Street Style Collections and brings incredible technical skills and techniques to the looks. His signature precision cuts and natural styling ability have taken him around the globe, while his street style looks for runway shows and creative hair for editorials and commercial shoots are always an inspiration. Indola is incredibly proud to partner with such a strong and interesting hair artist.

 I started with a square graphic outline with hidden internal layers and a disrupted fringe, I then worked in a second cut, creating a more rounded baseline and using scissor tips to add a fringe and a freehand technique to distort and add texture. I wanted to use colour to highlight the shape. On a base of 6-7 overall, a deep brown/black tone was smudged through the tips and edges to add depth and a silhouette.Andy Smith

Schwarzkopf professional was one of the first advertisers in Creative HEAD 20 years ago, and we couldn’t be prouder to have maintained a meaningful partnership ever since. From the Big Hair Do to Essential Looks events and product launches, we know that when we work with Creative HEAD on any project, the results will be outstanding and receive all the right kinds of attention. What’s more, it’s always shown a desire to speak up on important industry matters and is never afraid to take a stand. For all these reasons and many more, we couldn’t be more delighted to have been consistent friends and supporters for two decades – here’s to many more!Kay Brady, Schwarzkopf Professional national PPS manager and events, UK & Ireland

Main portrait: Jon Baker
Make-up: Cat Parnell using Tom Ford
Models (in order shown) : Darcey H at BMA, Olga Datsenko at First MGT, Joanna at Tide
BTS imagery: Jon Baker and the Creative HEAD team 

The photoshoot with Schwarzkopf Professional took place before the Covid-19 pandemic, and as such rules regarding social distancing and PPE were not required. 
Apology: We are sorry for miscrediting [in print] the products used by Suzie McGill to create her look. The correct product list is as follows: Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar; BLONDEME; OSiS+ Session Label Mircacle 15, Salt Spray and Dry Flex

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