Coløur a better way

Ffør hair colour tubes

Ffør’s latest innovation in hair colour continues the challenger brand’s ethos to do good while looking and feeling good, too.
Discover colour with fresh eyes…

Ffør was an idea born from the minds of a group of passionate hairstylists and chemists, who had a dream of a haircare range that could do everything a professional brand needs to without having to compromise on ethics or the environment.

The team’s efforts to fuse nature and science have created effective, gender-neutral products with a smaller environmental footprint. It’s a philosophy upon which all choices are made, having been built into the name: Free From. Øriginal. Real. The results? A brand that is proudly 100 per cent vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, and formulated without the use of sulphates, mineral oil or synthetic fragrances.

The new FFØR Hair Colour is a complete professional colour system – comprising hair colour in 60 shades with developers, and a High Lift Lightening Powder that can lift up to nine shades. Creativity is at the core of this latest invention, inspired by the colourful refractions of light in a glass prism. This is multi-faceted colour that gives colourists with a conscience the tools to deliver results that glisten.

This follows years of extensive research by FFØR’s laboratories to mix a palette with the highest number of natural ingredients possible. It enables FFØR Hair Colour to achieve the same high-level of colour deposition, coverage and retention as ammonia-based formulas, while being gentler than many other brands.

Iain Curran, FFØR brand manager, understands the importance hair colour can have on a client’s confidence in themselves and in their colourist.

He says: “Hair colour allows people to be who they really are. FFØR’s colour range truly is an artistry palette; a compact portfolio that is 100 per cent intermixable, allowing the colourist to deliver beautiful, classic colour or push the boundaries and create couture fashion shades.

“Everything about the range feels luxurious. Whether it be the luminous shine and condition the client’s hair has after the colouration service to the immersive fragrances, with notes of bergamot and vetiver, which is a welcome change to the overpowering odour of ammonia.”

As with all FFØR products, the range is packaged sustainably, in either 100 per cent recyclable aluminium tubes (housed in FSC-certified cardboard cartons) or PCR (post-consumer recycled) jars and bottles. You can colour knowing that your choice of partner does not compromise your efforts to be more sustainable, and that the results will always be exceptional.

If you’re searching for an alternative colour range to meet the demands of your creativity and your conscience, FFØR is for you. To explore Ffør’s ethos of do good, look good and feel good, email


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