Colour Clinic with Lee-Anne McNaught

Every month we’re solving specific colour conundrums with the help of some of Wella Professional’s top guest artists. Lee-Anne McNaught, Cheynes West End salon director, is taking aim at unrealistic expectations

“As hairdressers we’ve sort of stitched ourselves up with Instagram. People have these high expectations in quality and finish, but what they don’t realise is the hours it takes to get to that stage. It’s not a one-hit wonder. You need to have an end goal, with many salon visits and minutes in between to get there.

Consultation is king and always has been. Spend that time talking, breaking it down into different services, because clients have to buy into the process and accept that they’ll have to be in the salon over multiple sessions, and keep on top of maintenance in between. We don’t want someone’s condition pushed to the limits just to get the desired shade; that’s counterproductive as far as colourists are concerned.

It’s a bit like saying ‘I would love to look like Elle Macpherson’, but you wouldn’t book one session with a personal trainer and expect to look like her straight away. Clients have to buy into the programme, but not everyone does. There’s so much information out there but it’s not necessarily the right information.

You want hair to look luminous, expensive and in great condition, which is why we’re so thrilled to be with Wella Professionals because that is what the brand provides. I use technology to help clients understand, like hair traffic light pictures on my phone – if your starting point is something quite dark and they want to go cool, then your central photo is something that will actually be quite warm. They’re used to processing information via a screen.”

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