A spinkle of new styles with a dash of the old, discover the dynamic colour trends for 2023

2023 is about happy colour contradictions and inclusive shades. While we’ll see trends of yesteryear return with an added twist, the walls are coming down on definitive colour – taking centre stage are looks for every base in the book. We’re not emerging from the pandemic in the same way – so why would your clients’ colour? They are looking for brighter things… 

Viva Magenta

Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year is Viva Magenta – and what a magenta it is. Think turning up the volume on last year’s more muted pink shades. Flexible and long-lasting, Viva Magenta is a shoo-in for 2023 – suiting budget-conscious clients with a variety of natural base shades.
“Viva Magenta can be dark and muted on darker bases and more vibrant on lighter ones,” says Kayleigh Johnson, founder of Hex Hairdressing and INNOluxe Superstar.
Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon and INNOluxe global ambassador says hair kept in good condition will retain Viva Magenta longer – which is great for consumer wallets. Even when it starts to fade, Viva Magenta still looks good, promises Kayleigh. “Clients will experience beautiful pinks and peaches along the way.” Clearly, with this bold colour, fade is no longer a dirty word.
Not everyone will go full magenta in 2023, but its influence will be seen among more subtle colour looks. Expect magenta to creep into blonde and brunette tones, giving warmth as clients look for richer depth. The magenta influence is real, and it’s here. 

Cherry Pop

Goldwell has also unveiled its top colour look for this year – say hello to Cherry Pop. A fierier iteration of Cheryl Cole’s ‘hot red hair’ trend of the 2010s, while the erstwhile X-Factor star’s look was more mahogany, Cherry Pop is a braver, more ebullient red, with a shock of pink that creates a seductive undertone.

With a mood-boosting quality that’s sure to put a swing in the step of anyone wanting to leave the pandemic behind in style, Cherry Pop is about glamour, creativity and experimentation. It has even won the seal of approval from global colour expert, Jane Boddy who says it “creates a visual vibration that ignites and excites the senses” and “reinforces our connection to humanity”. There will certainly be no more social distancing for those taking on this shade.

Like Viva Magenta, Cherry Pop is a dynamic colour choice as it goes further than others, showing up on various shades in different, but equally stunning intensities. Like a colour chameleon, it looks bright and bold on pre-lightened or lightest blonde tones and gives off a warmer rich hue on darker blondes and brunettes. Again, Cherry Pop, like Viva Magenta, is a flexible hue that can be applied to diverse bases without losing its vibrancy, making it appealing to more of your clientele.

Two-tone colour 

People aren’t one-dimensional and neither is colour – or it shouldn’t be. As noted in the Pinterest Predicts: 2023 trend forecast report, two-tone shades, also known as Gemini Hair, is set to hit salons in a big way as clients look to mix bright, vibrant tones with their natural colours.
Embracing perfectly imperfect contradictions and the dual-natured essence of the Gemini star sign, blondes won’t have to choose between going lavender or staying how they are, they can have both! The same goes for all kinds of natural/bright shade fusions, such as pairing black braids with shocks of blue – it’s time to step out of that rigid colour box.
Paco Latorre, creative director at Live True London Soho, explains that while two-tone hair is nothing new, it’s back with renewed vigour, making it another colour trend that’s in keeping with this year’s themes of innovation and experimentation. “From natural tones of blonde and brunette, to vivid colours such as pink and blue, anything goes for this trend! Any hair texture or length can achieve the two-tone trend, and we can create multi-tonal colours with curly hair.”  

Multi-dimensional luxe  

2023 is also about embracing what clients have – there’s no cookie cutter shade. With that, say hello to a more subtle trend, softer and healthy looking multi-dimensional tones. 

Think more delicate blondes and brunettes where changes are more subtle yet still impactful, explains Fudge Professional global brand ambassador Jonathan Andrew.
“Softer tones will be on trend particularly for those who usually opt for a bleached blonde look. Soft-light brunettes too; this elevates the usual all over darker tones with soft highlights that are a few shades lighter than the all over brunette. It gives a face framing colour tone that makes the colour pop and creates a stunning multidimensional finish.”
Some clients may want to weave in the magenta shade, but the multi-dimensional look is about using it to give hair richness and depth rather than making a drastic change, he adds. “We’ll also be seeing more champagne-blonde tones due to the resurgence of ‘70s hairstyles. The tone really compliments bigger, more dimensional hair.”
Increasing depth particularly among blondes is key, explains Neil Moodie, founder of Neil Moodie Studio. “We’re taking some blonde clients deeper with bespoke toning services, adding more dimension with autumn leave tints. The colours gaining popularity are natural light coppers, strawberry blondes, and chai latte. These adjustments are less of a commitment for the client and isn’t as damaging to the hair.” 

Virtual Mauve Blonde 

It took insights from 1,500 colour experts across 26 countries to decide Revlon’s hair colour of the year 2023 – Virtual Mauve Blonde. 

Virtual Mauve Blonde’s triple dimension reflect puts it in the same trend camp as multi-dimensional luxe. The very definition of bold and intense and the opposite of flat, Virtual Mauve Blonde brings the concept of virtual dimension to the real world.
Its triple reflect colour gives off richness, vibrancy and multi-tonal expression in buckets – perfect for heads after a show-stopping, who is that? – effect.