Common mistakes made with rainbow hair

by | 10 Jun 2022

If you’re looking to get creative with your colour work during Pride Month, make sure to avoid these seven common mistakes made with rainbow hair – thanks to some top tips from Pulp Riot artist, Pedro Plastic

1. Not planning your colour placement and hoping for the best.
Make sure that all your colours smudge perfectly between each other, so don’t paint opposite tones next to each other. For example, don’t smudge yellow to violet or blue to orange as they cancel each other out. 

2. Forgetting to practice before you start so you know what you are doing.
Try your rainbows on tissue or white paper before applying colour onto the hair, so you can decide exactly where to add each tone and use that as a guide. 

3. Leaving straight, harsh lines between the different colours.
If you’re using all the colours next to each other on the same panel, just use your fingers to smudge the connection between them to create a beautiful blend on every transition. 

4. Not saturating colour enough.
Make sure that you saturate every single colour for a better result. If you don’t saturate your colours during the application, the result can be uneven or patchy. 

5. Using products that are too wet and drippy.
Using Pulp Riot gives you a perfect product to create the most seamless blend with plenty of vibrancy. Thanks to the conditioner base, the consistency is perfect for painting and blending. 

6. Not explaining to clients that the colour will fade.
Enjoy the colours while they are bright, but explain to clients that as they fade true to tone, you get a totally new pastel version. So two looks for the price of one!

7. Panicking if it goes wrong! 
If you’ve placed the wrong colour, or you client decides to go back to her natural tone, Pulp Riot Blank Canvas is designed to remove Pulp Riot Semi Permanent colour, and you can go back to the same canvas that you started with. 

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