Press pause on pumpkin spice hues

Put the brakes on the seasonal cliché and accelerate your creativity with some high contrast, Beetlejuice colour work 

Verity Waite

With Halloween around the corner, social media has been ablaze with fiery, warm tones. While orange, reds and rich brunettes may be a guaranteed showstopper, some clients may like to go next-level with the spooky celebrations. 

Fortunately, Pulp Riot artist, Verity Waite conjured up a colourful spell with her client, taking inspiration from ‘80s fantasy horror classic Beetlejuice! 

Here’s how to mix up your own Pulp Riot potion: 

Beetlejuice inspired hair by Verity Waite

1 Firstly, take a halo panel at the back, leave a section free for the money piece through the front, plus an additional section through the side.  

2 Then, pre-tone the side panel with Pulp Riot High Speed Toner in Icy.  

3 Next, apply Pulp Riot Semi Permanent Velvet through the halo section. 

4 Apply Pulp Riot Semi Permanent Area 51 through the back section and the front money piece section.  

5 Now lay the side section on a foil. Then apply Pulp Riot Semi Permanent Noir on a small section followed by Clear, repeating all the way down the mid-lengths and ends and protect with foil on top.  

6 Blow-dry hair, then smooth through for a straight finish and use a clip to pin up the side piece and show off your stripes. 

Top tip: When you’re washing out the black and blonde, keep the hair very tight so the pressure of the water runs through the hair without causing bleeding. 

If you’re eager to serve this up to your next client, then IT’S SHOWTIME…. 

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