Cool girl beach waves by James Earnshaw for Cloud Nine

In a festive celebration of style, James Earnshaw embraces his inner experimentalist to create looks for Creative HEAD’s Christmas cover shoot with Cloud Nine. This one’s pure gold – and here’s how he whipped it up! Finished look

Step 1

Establish a central parting and damp down hair with Magical Quick Dry Potion and Volume Mousse.

Step 2

Using a round brush and The Airshot button on your dryer, dry the product in, bringing the hair forward onto the face for volume and less of a set parting.

Step 3

Divide hair from ear to ear (working on the lower section first) and – using the Cloud Nine Original Iron on 150 degrees – wrap slim sections of hair around the iron, keeping it at a vertical angle and pulling it down towards the end of hair as you go. This will keep the ends straight and create more texture and movement through the middle of the hair. Make sure the last section is waved away from the face to open up the cheekbones.

Step 4

Leave to cool for five minutes before using the Cloud Nine Luxury Texture Comb to dress out. Spritz with dry shampoo and massage the hair with your hands to achieve fluffy, cool texture and exaggerate the shape where needed.

Tool Kit
Cloud Nine Magical Quick Dry Potion
Cloud Nine Original Iron
Cloud Nine Airshot Hairdryer
Cloud Nine Luxury Texture Comb
Balmain Strong Hold Mousse
Balmain Texturising Volumising Spray
YS Park Bristle Round Brush

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