Cool hues and Monday blues

by | 16 Jan 2023

Say goodbye to January blues with a vivid mood-booster courtesy of Kara Thompson  

Though ‘Blue Monday’ has become a buzzword on social, there’s no need to feel down in the dumps this January. Pulp Riot artist Kara Thompson had created a beautiful blue look to bring some colour and character to your week using the bubble technique. 

“When working with blue semi-permanents, always ensure your pre-lightened base is light enough first,” says Kara. “You are aiming for the colour of the inside of a banana peel. This ensures your blue result can then be as perfectly blue as possible; too much yellow remaining in the hair and you could end up with a green result!” 

Kara Thompson Pulp Riot blue hair

1. Using Pulp Riot Semi Permanents, select all the different blue tones you want to use and apply them one by one, from the lightest to the darkest shade. I used Nightfall, Aquatic, Nemesis, Blue Muse and Powder.  

2.  Next, take really fine sections. Place the sections on a meche and paint each of the shades horizontally down the meche colour by colour.   

3. Then, once the horizontal blue pattern has been applied on one fine section, take another fine section and repeat. Continue to repeat this technique.  

4. Finally, after rinsing the hair, you will see a soft flowing shine line pattern which represents waves in the hair. 

Top tip: 
When using the bubble technique, always keep each section fine enough that you could read a newspaper through it. This ensures the colour will fully saturate the section of hair for the most opaque results.  

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