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by | 7 Oct 2021

With a bold new look and brand identity, iconic barbering brand Andis is placing the spotlight on the creatives

For years the focus has been on the quality of the tools in your hands, as if they alone can give you that Midas touch toimpress your clients. And while high-quality tools offer a noticeable difference in terms of what you’re able to achieve, at the end of the day it’s the hairstylist and barber who have the power to create. 

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of clippers, trimmersand handheld tools, Andis has shifted its focus to the creators with its rebrand to empower and instil confidence to its users, entirely re- imagining the brand experience with confidence-boosting education and a community-first approach. Create your way with Andis beside you on every step of your journey as an artist and creator. When you have confidence in your tools, and their superior capabilities, it pushes you to achieve new heights of greatness. This is the dream – both brand and artist are in sync and rise together.


Andis male model with textured hair

Matt K. Andis

Female model with short hair for Andis

“The elevated brand experience and striking new look shows Andis is focusing on what matters most: the community of creators”MATT K. ANDIS, CO-CEO

Andis has a fresh new look including a new logo, new website, a manifesto video and new imagery that captures the new vision. Customers can now purchase Andis tools with greater ease due to a streamlined online shopping experience, while also being inspired by the Barber & Stylist Spotlight section of its website. 


“Our new brand identity celebrates a new generation of creators,” explains Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis director of branding. A fourth-generation, family-led business, Andis is taking bold new steps while remaining true to its core ideals. No matter whatyou’re looking to achieve, anything is possible with Andis.

Create your way with Andis. For more information and news from the brand, visit

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