Creating change within the industry

by | Apr 1, 2022 | News, Promotion, Sustainability

Promotion – Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Clean Performance

It’s pretty obvious how salons can create an enormous amount of waste, use a surprising amount of plastic and rack up the energy usage, so how can you alter your behaviour and make a meaningful change to your environmental impact while also delivering brilliant results and a gorgeous experience to clients? And how can hair pros be advocating change to those clients – you are very fortunate to have the ear of so many people in the chairs, so what role can hairdressers be playing to help the bigger picture when it comes to sustainability too?

Creative HEAD editor, Amanda Nottage sat down with Most Wanted Sustainability Heroes, Anne Veck & Keith Mellen, plus Ronan Stewart, of Atelier Hair, Melenie Tudor of En Route,  Anil Salhan from BLACC + BLOND and Brooke Evansof BE Ironbridge to discuss how they are making important changes in the industry. 

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