Creative cutting from the Allilon+ Pleat Collection

by | 25 Jan 2023

Press play to awaken your creativity with a creative look from the Allilon+ Pleat Collection

Celebrating the artisanship of a time preserving traditional method, Allilon cutting educator and director, Johnny Othona, introduces you to an exciting technique to take your own skillset to the next level. Demonstrated through a creative cutting technique which features in the ‘freedom’ section of the collection, Johnny delivers a beautifully balanced, accurate cut which will inspire your own work in the salon, or on location.  

The muse for the collection, Kyriacos Hadjikyriacou, is a master pleater with more than forty years spent fine-tuning his craft. Kyriacos work enables the exploration of repetitive, concise geometric patterning and precision pleating, giving a refreshing breath of creativity.  

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