Cashing out, searching for staff and why apprenticeships aren’t working – Creative HEAD reveals major new industry study

It’s clear our industry is at a major crossroads.

The traditional mould of a job in hair as steady work employed in a local salon appears to be broken – fuelled by social media, more than 60 per cent of the UK salon workforce is now self-employed.

Equally, accelerated and complicated by Covid-19, the world of salon work has become incredibly complex, with salon employers having to re-think the way they pay, manage and reward their staff and teams on the floor struggling to cope with a catastrophic lack of apprentices.

So where do we go from here? In the October issue of Creative HEAD we reveal the results of a major study, On The Floor, exploring how the industry is coming to terms with the profound changes rippling through its core and looking at what the next steps could be for UK hairdressing. Filled with insight from three key groups – employers, employed stylists and self-employed stylists – the report also includes opinion pieces from industry influencers and case studies of hair pros tackling new ways of working and planning for the future.

We sat down with members of the National Hair & Beauty Federation, the Freelance Hairdressers’ Association, the Hair & Barber Council, Save Our Salons, and The Fellowship for British Hairdressing, all of whom remained anonymous so they could feel free to speak their minds. 

Key findings include:

The social networks Self-employment is much more than mobile hairdressing, and brands are wising up
In this together – Salon life offers staff and clients so much more than when stylists go it alone
Cashing out – Boosting the bottom line is at the heart of many people’s decisions to go solo
Searching for staff – Salons are struggling to find the next generation of talented, passionate hairdressers
Apprenticeships aren’t working – Owners and stylists alike think the system is broken
Money rules – HMRC, compliance and VAT combine to make a minefield
Finding the way forward – Do new business models offer the solution?

On The Floor appears in the October 2021 issue of Creative HEAD.

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