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The Creative Collaborators

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The Creative Collaborators podcast, presented by Creative HEAD in partnership with BaByliss PRO, explores the power partnerships that fuel pure innovation and unbridled imagination, get ready to hear about artistic unions that breed exceptional creation… 

What Cindy Crawford brings together, let no person dare tear apart… Session hairstylist and wig creator Nathan Phoenix, first met pop artist Le Fil when styling a performance of LGBTQ+ collective Sink The Pink featuring multiple Cindy looks… one workout power pony later and this creative partnership was sealed by the bond of lycra and sky-high hair. 

United by a passion for performance and pushing the boundaries of artistic perception, together Nathan and Le Fil have married strands with sculpture, crafting looks that showcase personality. Most recently Le Fil commissioned Nathan for a duo of wigs, one a trendy mullet and the other an otherworldly statement, centred around the desire of Le Fil’s to stay true to his unique identity as an artist rather than playing into the idea of a stage persona. 


Alongside their work together, during this podcast, they delve into their personal career paths. Nathan starting out as a dancer, before resuming his hair training aged 22, progressing into both salon and session, working with artists like Lizzo, shows such as Jonathan Ross and brands from Yeezy to Chopard. While Le Fil, trained as a ceramic artist at Camberwell College of Art, where, when crafting immersive soundscapes to accompany his performance art, he was drawn back into the world of music, as a singer songwriter in the pop genre. 

Over 40 wonderful minutes, they talk identity, creativity, the world of drag, challenging conformity and artistic exploration, get ready, it’s a good one… 




The Creative Collaborators

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