Creative HEAD’s major industry survey returns for 2022

Want to join our industry conversations? This is your chance to be heard during an industry roundtable

In 2021, Creative HEAD’s major industry survey, On The Floor, discovered salon employers frustrated by increasing numbers of rent-a-chair competitors; employees feeling disenfranchised by the glamorisation of freelancing and the prioritising of social following over talent and skill; and growing numbers of self-employed stylists building their own brands and independence, with all that entails. 

And now we want to do it again, to keep the conversation going and to better understand how to tackle the challenges and make progress. We would love YOU to be part of it! 

We’ll be holding group sessions to hear your feedback, and your concerns, about working in hair today. The relevant group sessions are happening at these times:

  • Self-employed Zoom session will take place at 9.15am on Monday 4 July 
  • Employees Zoom session will take place at 9.15am on Tuesday 5 July  
  • Employers Zoom session will take place at 9.15am on Wednesday 6 July 

If you are interested in taking part, email


We’ll unveil the results in October, in association with Timely, illustrating just what life is like for hair pros right now, and how their current decision-making will steer the industry in the future.


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