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Hair damage is at the forefront of clients’ minds, whether from chemical, lightening or heat tools. Redken Extreme has been keeping hair strong for decades, and its latest launches continue that legacy

Real results need to be based in real science. Redken has been focused on nailing the most effective scientific formulations, particularly the importance of pH balance, since the brand’s inception. Investing in the in-depth science of haircare and colour, both in the salon and at home, revolutionised the professional hair industry and has made a difference to millions of clients’ hair worldwide. Of 24.6m adult women who visit salons in the UK, one in three is concerned with hair damage.*

From in-salon treatments to home care products, there is a huge market to be tapped into, with clients ready to spend serious money to restore the quality and condition to their hair.

UV, chemical, lightening, heat styling – there are so many concerns to address. Redken founder Paula Kent knew all about damage, thanks to the constant bleaching and teasing to her hair in her previous career as an actress. She was left with baby-fine hair, sensitive skin, and plenty of frustration. That’s why she founded Redken along with her hairdresser, Jheri Redding, to focus on the science of haircare and create genuine solutions founded in science. Redken was the first professional brand to focus on harnessing protein technology to rebuild damaged strands, with a spotlight on a pH level that was complementary to the natural pH of hair and skin.

Meet some of the original Extreme Haircare heroes, saving the tresses of a damage nation!

Play Safe: A fortifying 3-in-1 hair treatment that protects damaged locks from heat up to 230°C

Anti-Snap: Enriched with strengthening Ceramide and an Interlock Protein Network, the leave-in treatment effectively smoothes the cuticle while protecting against daily stresses

Cat: Redken’s patented taurine technology and cationic proteins reconstruct and fortify damaged hair

Redken Extreme haircare launched in the ’80s and was an immediate, award-winning hit. Forty years later, Extreme continues to rescue hair on a daily basis as one of the best-selling professional haircare ranges nationwide, and it’s about to get bigger…

Long and strong

Damage can break the hearts of clients who dream of tumbling long lengths, where split ends and breakage seem to be a continuous cycle. That all changes with the new Extreme Length hair regimen, available now. Infused with biotin, castor oil and soy proteins, this product trio has been shown to help encourage up to six inches of growth in one year.**

Consumers recognise biotin as a key ingredient for hair growth – searches for biotin supplements rose 53 per cent year on year, as did searches for biotin shampoo. Castor oil is enjoying similar popularity, with searches up 300 per cent.***

This three-step care routine of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment for split ends helps to fortify and strengthen hair for up to 81 per cent less breakage than before use and improves look of split ends by 78 per cent.** It’s the perfect at-home system between appointments for those who are seeking healthier, stronger hair from root to tip. Don’t cut short client’s dreams of longer locks – send them home with Extreme Length and keep hair enhanced with Redken’s protein-rich formulations.

Lighten up

Lightening remains the number one salon colour choice, accounting for a reported 77 per cent of colour services.**** But going for gold takes its toll, with repeated bleaching and lightening inevitably damaging the hair structure and leaving hair brittle. Clients in search of that ultimate light look are in need of specialist care products to cater for the extreme effects of continued lightening. Clients are turning to Google, with searches for “best shampoo for damaged bleached hair” increasing 170 per cent.***

Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery offers intense blondes tailored care for their fragile hair. The first gentle, reparative range to help build up hair’s resilience to lightening agents, it’s the perfect partner for clients who are on the journey to their dream blonde. Featuring a game-changing Lamellar Treatment based on breakthrough K-Beauty technology, it’s the ultimate liquid protection that creates a second cuticle effect that adheres to the hair, instantly fixing porosity to increase manageability and glossiness.

*Haircare U&A 2018/LF data.
**System as tested versus non-conditioning shampoo.
***Google trends, past five years. ****Netbase (Hair 2019) “YTD share of haircolor voice (by number of posts)”

Discover scientific solutions for your clients’ damage concerns with the Redken Extreme ranges. Join the Tribe today – email info.redken@loreal.com for more information

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