The humble diffuser may just be the secret weapon that’s hiding in plain sight. We asked Most Wanted finalist and curl expert Nuala Morey for her top diffuser tips in taking full advantage of this tool

All images: @nualamoreysalon

Bounce, definition, lustre – all elements we want from the dreamiest of curls. Nuala Morey, owner of Nuala Morey Hairdressing in Bristol and Most Wanted Business Thinker 2022 nominee, has crafted her whole business around the production of the perfect curl. And key to that? The diffuser! 

We asked Nuala for her top diffuser tips on how to take the finish of your clients’ hair to the next level.

Quality is key

Using a good professional hairdryer and diffuser head can make a big difference to the finished look. When choosing a diffuser head, look for one with a deep bowl and walls around the edge to support the hair. This will help to minimise frizz. 


When diffusing, keep the heat on low. Never use the high heat setting. As the hairdryer is kept in the same position for a long time, if you have the heat on high, you will damage the hair. Curls show when they are unhappy; you can’t disguise damaged curly hair like you can when using smoothing products on straight hair. 

Keep it still

Minimise how much you move the diffuser around. Cup a section of hair and keep the dryer still, in the same position for a few minutes, before moving on to the next section. Repeat over each section until the hair is fully dry.

Hover dry

To maintain length in the curls and avoid them shrinking up too much, hover dry all of the hair. Do not cup the ends with the diffuser. I always hover dry 4a, 4b and 4c curls to maintain length as this curl pattern shrinks the most.

Turn things upside down

To finish off the look, remove the diffuser head and blow through the roots with the nozzle and the head upside down to add volume. Finally, set with the cool button.


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