Don’t let your confidence crash

You’ve got technique and skill, but do you have confidence? Educator and creative mindset coach, Cristina Fazzone, shares how to boost your self-esteem

Cristina Fazzone

Doubting your knowledge, imposter syndrome, fear, and generally thinking your skill isn’t good enough –  as creative people, these are feelings that many of us will experience at some point in our career. But we assume most of those feelings will ease off and we’ll become more confident as we become more experienced. Although there’s some truth in this, the feelings will naturally creep back in at some point…

These doubts have been heightened in our industry due to recent global challenges – the lockdowns were a real knock. I noticed that the mindset of most hairdressers I have coached was very similar. Fear of failure, harshly comparing themselves with others and so on, and this was from high-achieving individuals and talented, knowledgeable colourists at that.

So how do we, as highly capable colourists, actually elevate our craft with confidence and stop letting these feelings get in the way by keeping us in our creative comfort zones?


It’s simple really. Confidence in your craft happens in more places than just your practical ability. It’s about the way you feel, the way you act, the way you communicate about your colour, what you imagine is possible for yourself.

Despite how important practical skills and abilities actually are, we can’t forget the importance of our attitude and mindset towards your skill. You get out what you put in, you achieve what you THINK you can achieve. My advice to those experiencing a confidence crash? Go against what you think. If you feel fearful or worried to try something new, do exactly what you’re afraid of! Try it. Face your fear. Surprise yourself. Practise your right to be confidently creative.

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