Don’t miss out on a Most Wanted or It List awards trophy

The 23 May closing deadline for this year’s Creative HEAD Most Wanted and It List awards creeps ever closer. So, what might take you from entrant to winner? And which silly slip-ups could cost you a trophy? Read on to find out…


Most Wanted and It List judges

1. Don’t miss the deadline
It’s the cardinal sin. Set your alarm, mark it in your calendar, 5pm, Monday 23 May is when your entry needs to be in our inbox. Detailed instructions for submitting can be found below!

Most Wanted Entry Instructions>     It List Entry Instructions>

2. Complete an application form
You need to complete a SEPARATE application form for EVERY entry you’re submitting. This will generate a unique reference code to use when labelling your files and email when you send them. See the above entry instructions for all the details you need.

3. Re-check the criteria
Each individual category is seeking different things, all outlined in the entry criteria. Every required element must be met to go through to judging and this is what our experts will use to score your entry against other hopefuls. Missing criteria = missing the mark.

Most Wanted Categories Entry Criteria>     It List Categories Entry Criteria>

P.S. Don’t forget to attach the accompanying digital imagery, which we use if you finalise!

4. Stick to the word count
After pouring time and hard work into your entry, do not let something like exceeding the word or page counts be your downfall. Stick within the limits defined in the criteria, those that don’t risk disqualification.

5. Only supply what’s asked for
Take note of what supplementary materials are and aren’t accepted for the category you’re entering. For example only certain categories allow videos and this will be outlined in the criteria. The specific category requirements are in place to keep a level playing field, anything outside of what’s been asked for won’t be shown to judges, so concentrate your efforts on what will be!

6. Support your statements
Winning entries don’t just stake their claim with words, they cement them with facts. Impressive results, improving margins, tremendous testimonials, positive press and clear creative progression, judges love to see evidence to demonstrate why the trophy belongs to you over another.

7. Project your personality
If there are two things successful entries have in common, it’s authenticity and originality. The judges want to get to know you and feel your passion springing off the page, so don’t hold back on packing in the personality. Check out some more advice from past judges here.

8. Helpline
Need to reach us? For any enquiries or urgent matters, please call +44 (0)1434 610940 or email

May the odds be ever in your favour – GOOD LUCK!

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