Don’t stop me now! MWIT’s got you covered

Getting started on your Most Wanted or It List entries? Flipping fantastic! In light of current circumstances, here are five fresh facts to help you on your way (step aside, covid-19)…

1. Imagery
You DO NOT need to shoot imagery exclusively for MWIT20 – we are happy for you to include previously published work, no matter which category you are entering. In some instances we may stipulate imagery must have been created in the last 12 months (which means anything after February 2019) – so check category criteria to be sure.

2. Portfolios
Whether you choose to hand-make or print your portfolio, we’ll make sure everything gets seen by the judges – subject to adherence to the 2020 rules and category criteria being met, of course! (NB digital entries are currently not accepted, but even if this rule is lifted we will stand by our word, worry not).

3. Salon and business-focused categories
Due to current circumstances, we appreciate salon business is on pause now and for the foreseeable. Rest assured, you are not expected to include any content relating to the period impacted by coronavirus in any statistics/outcomes requested. But we also believe that this covid-19 period shouldn’t take away all the incredible things you were doing before – so draw on successes and statistics prior to lock-down (even for categories where there is a 12-month timeframe in place, this means anything after Feb 2019), you’re awesome and we know it, tell our judges why too…

4. Supplementary video
If you have the option to provide a short video to supplement your entry, think seriously about submitting one; it’s a great way to say and show MORE about the work you do. Plus, we accept smart phone edits, no fancy kit necessary!

5. Deadline extension
Remember, you have more time to prepare and perfect your entries – the closing date for both Most Wanted and The It List 2020 has been extended by one month, to Wednesday 10 June.

Does that help? We hope so. For plenty of entry advice and inspiration, delivered by our MWIT19 superstars, head over to the Most Wanted and The It List websites. That’s where you’ll also find full category lists, entry forms to download and general competition information, news, galleries and videos.

… And should you have any further questions or concerns, please get in touch with us – you can email Jenny or Joanna at or call Laura up at head office on our MWIT20 hotline: +44 (0)14343 610940.

Now, make like MWIT stars past and present – and go get that trophy!