Eat. Sleep. Skate. Repeat – Syd & Georgia

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Georgia Freeman originally trained for the theatre but unfortunately the dream didn’t materialise… But thank goodness, because then she found hair! Based at Q Cut – the salon home of Syd Hayes – she’s fast becoming the perfect team player on shoots and in the salon

“My goal for the future is to have a similar career to Syd. I’d love to do session in stuff as well as working in the salon as well. That’s my idea of what I would love in life.” Georgia

Skating makes me feel good, satisfied – it feels like I’m getting out all of my energy. In London the skate community is very small, so everybody knows everybody. It’s nice.” Kurtis, skateboard

“Kurtis loves a mullet, so we only wanted to take the sides shorter,” explains Georgia. “We clippered using BaByliss PRO Cordless Super Motor Clipper with a guard grade 3 for the main length and a grade 2 around the edges for that cleaner, faded look.” Next, Georgia used the BaByliss PRO Cordless Super Motor Trimmer to clean around the ears and around the temples “for that sharpness of a fresh cut.”  


In terms of styling, to reflect the theme of ‘freedom’, Georgia wanted to enhance Kurtis’ natural texture.”He had such a lovely wave to the top of his hair, so I didn’t want to do too much to change his natural texture. Leaving it natural gave it that perfect chilled skatepark look, and the more he skated and sweated the better the waves looked.” 

“It’s about inspiring the youth and bringing new hairdressers and inspiring them to come into the industry, as well as new people who are starting out in hairdressing. You get back a lot from that. The better people are, it makes you better and inspires you more.”Syd Hayes

With Elly’s colour, the focus was on preparation ahead of shooting at the skatepark.The night before, Georgia scalp bleached the hair at the salon. “She had previously been bleaching it at home, so I really needed to be careful with application,” Georgia explains.

“Syd and I discussed which colours would blend best together, and we decided on a cotton candy pastel rainbow for the hair colour. Blending was key for this look, so I applied the pink in different gradients down the hair, so that when it was cut into the mullet the next day it really showed off all of the colours through the layering of the hair cut.” 




“I started skating last year in lockdown because I was bored. I’ve always liked skateboarding. I’ve had a board since I was young, but last year I started learning tricks. I love being on the board, it’s the best feeling.” Elly, skateboard

Make-up: Manabu Nobuoka

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