‘Eclectia’ by Louise Williamson of Stevie English Hair, Sydney

“I think fashion has come to point now where people are able to identify themselves by the decade’s fashions in which they wish to dress. We are seeing a strong resurgence in the 1970s way of styling hair, where shaggy more cropped cuts with more feathered edges and fringes are now on trend. I wanted to play with this idea but rather than taking from one decade, I chose to include styling from various decades – finger waves from the 1920s mixed with a 1950s twist and a larger bouffant pony tail from the 60s.

I went in with a very eclectic array of ideas, taking what I believe was good styling from each period and teaming it up with loud clothing and modern colour. I wanted this shoot to scream quirky and to display a variety of trends that would not normally work, working together.” – Louise Williamson, Apprentice at Stevie English Hair, Sydney

Hair: Louise Williamson, assisted by Leanne Kay
Make-Up: Sally Chapman
Photography: Mal Q Damkar
Styling: Melanine Corthine

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