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by | 30 Aug 2016

What it was like to win Male Grooming Specialist at Creative HEAD’s Most Wanted awards

When I started out in hairdressing I decided fairly early on that my goal would be to change the perception of barbering within the UK. I wanted male grooming to have the same impact and gravitas that hairdressing did; it was a milestone I set myself, so to win the Most Wanted Male Grooming Specialist award was both an honour and incredible feeling. It validated the effort that I’d put in over the years and is contributing to the shift in how people view barbering in modern times.

Since winning the award more people have gravitated towards what I’m doing and it’s stamped authority on the activity I do, whether that’s teaching, onstage work or in-salon seminars. The content on our online academy is very much aimed at elite male grooming, what better way to reinforce this than by winning an elite award! I’d always wanted to win a Most Wanted award so once this category launched I knew I had to go for it.

When writing my entry, I wanted to show the versatility of my skills – from working with short fades right through to longer hair and all the male grooming side of what I do. The work I do is very diverse so I felt it was important to show the judges my flexibility within male grooming.

The best advice I can give to anyone thinking about entering next year is to create an entry that you’re proud of and that is authentic. Ensure you’re showing authority and confidence in your work but bear in mind that there’s a fine line between being authoritative and being egotistical! I believe judges are looking at the stretch of your skillset, how your work positivity impacts the industry and what strategies you’re putting in place to drive the male grooming industry forward. Be non-conformist, be a pioneer and just go for it.

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