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by | 1 May 2016

This is how I work…

Creative Cutting
Creative cutting is really important as it enables you to move and manipulate shapes – it’s all about balance. Always step away from your work to have a better view and so you can see the scale of what you have done. I love creating new things, especially for magazines, seminars and shows. This particular show was in Turin, Italy, for Farmacia International, in front of an audience of 7,000 people.

Creative Colour
Creative colour is great for directional and seasonal collections – and they can be relevant to clients too, as anything to do with strong, bold colours can always be watered down to look more commercial. Colour has come a long way during my career. Once upon a time it was all about highlights and tints, and now it is more distinctive – almost show-stopping!

Avant-garde work is about free expression, manipulating shape and creating surreal imagery. It can be soft or hard but always has to look beautiful and intricate at the same time. Avant-garde doesn’t have to be about big hair – quite a lot of my work is inspired by nature and all the elements,, and the couture shows in New York, Paris and London always have an element of avant-garde.

Afro Hair is a great texture to work with, and at the same time it’s very sensitive if not understood. You have to have all the necessary technical skills to properly work with these textures. I love working with Afro hair mainly from the point of view that I can manipulate shape with great results.

I love working with men’s hair, whether that’s at London Collections: Men, on shoots or at seminars. Barbering has never been so big and commercially it’s massive in the beauty industry – there has been major investment from all the top brands. It’s interesting watching the trends in men’s hair over the years – it went very unisex, then very metrosexual, and now it’s moving to men-only salons and grooming parlours, like in the 50’s and 60’s.

Plaits have been a big story for a couple of seasons now and they are still very mainstream. Plaits work well with most hair textures and techniques are going more futuristic and unconventional, with lots of gel and wet look inspiration. What’s really great about plaiting are the after-effects when you undo them – great for festivals and red carpet alike!

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