‘BELLATRIX’ by Bang Hair, York

The collection, ‘BELLATRIX’, features aggressive texture and geometric shapes juxtaposed against beautiful soft pinks to show the strength and femininity of the modern woman

What’s in a name? Bang Hair in York debated this when choosing its name for its latest collection, which focused on female strength and empowerment. Here, creative director, Sarah Cotton, explains how they settled on ‘Bellatrix’.

“We chose the name ‘Bellatrix’ as it’s the Latin name for ‘female warrior’. Our models all have strength and beauty, aggressive lines meets soft pink shades,” she explains.

“A collection is a work of art with a lot of research, technique and vision that goes into it and so the name, which sums up all this work, is incredibly important. You wouldn’t make a film or a music album without giving it a name and the same applied here.

“Sometimes the name is part of the inspiration, sometimes the finished collection names itself. ‘Bellatrix’ came once this collection was finished. Our girls just kind of stood there and screamed it at us.

“Each shoot is a learning curve and this was the first time we used solely professional models. It cost a lot, but wow, what a difference it made!”

Hair: Sarah Cotton
Photography: Jonathan Cotton
Make-up: Lucy Flower

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