Bin that price list

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Education

It might seem scary, but Ken West is suggesting you rip up that price list for your business to bloom

There was quite an audible rumble across the Salon Smart audience when I stated: “I don’t believe that salons need to print out, or to place on their websites, a detailed salon price list.” I believe that if someone goes into every salon and builds up a collection of price lists, or visits a series of websites, then they will often purchase on price alone. However, when I suggest to salon owners that they should no longer give out price lists at reception, they always come up with the same statement: “But people coming in always ask for one”.

I agree, but what else can a potential client ask when they walk into a new salon, when all they probably want to find out is what you are like? They certainly can’t ask: “Are you nice people?”, “Are you inspirational?” or “Can you treat me better than my existing salon?”. However, how you choose to deal with a price enquiry can tell a potential client that you are not just another “me too” salon…

You need a price list for your team to refer to, but let’s be frank here – most salon price lists only make sense to hairdressers. They are often full of factory language that only we understand and sometimes even terms that we have invented ourselves. What is a ‘half head of highlights’ in a customer’s mind? Half of their head; half of their hair or the half of the hair that is the only bit that needs recolouring? Oh no, we call that ‘roots’… or do we? There are two desired outcomes to any price enquiry. They want a price, you want a booking. So instead of handing out a price list, why don’t you encourage conversations? Explain that you want to create the perfect outcome for every client and invite them to have a coffee and tell you exactly what they want their hair to look like. Then you can give them a quote for the total service. Don’t break it down into colour, cut, treatments and so on. Give a total price for beautiful, fabulous hair and book them an appointment. After all, that’s what they really want.

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