BTS – the good, the bad, and the need-to-know

There’s nowhere to hide when you’re behind the scenes!

I’ve worked behind the scenes at LFW, TV,  brand campaigns, editorial shoots and backstage with artists. Here’s what being BTS has taught me…

  • Respect everyone! Without each person doing their job, no matter how big or small, the project just wouldn’t turn out as amazing.
  • Learn your products inside and out. Does a certain hairspray give you more shine, is there a mousse that makes the hair more matte? Every tiny detail is picked up on camera for TV and editorial, so knowing your products and what you can achieve with each one is vital.
  • You are a nobody and a somebody all at the same time. Without you on that team it wouldn’t work, but in the whole scheme of things you are there for that one job, you are not the project/TV show or catwalk.
  • Take lots of plasters – you can burn yourself super-easily under pressure with hot tongs!
  • Adrenaline kicks in and somehow you can do a whole head of barrel curls in 10 minutes, which in a salon would take you at least half an hour. But when your body works on adrenaline it has to come down, so make sure you plan a day off for sleep.
  • Time is money, and people will yell at you to get things done quickly. Don’t take it personally. They aren’t shouting at you they are shouting at the situation. Breath and do your job – fast!
  • Be prepared for everything. Others might not be, so make sure you pack that extension lead, towel and all the equipment you need so you don’t fall short.
  • Don’t over-work hair. It’s a fabric at the end of the day and if you mess around with it too much you’ll lose the shape, and you might need that style to last for the whole day. You also might need to create five more styles with it!
  • You’re doing what you do every day, it’s just in a different room. Confidence is key backstage, whether you’re with a client or not. The more pressure you put on a project the less you enjoy it and the weaker your work will be.
  • Smile, and embrace everything that’s thrown your way. You’ll be in bed soon thinking, Wow, I did that!