Classic is Cool by Darcie Harvey

The collection ‘Classic is Cool’ is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. The inspiration behind came from the experience I’ve had as a trainee at Brooks & Brooks and what I’ve taken from that to make me a better hairdresser.

At the beginning I thought that I was more of a ‘visual hairdresser’, and that undercuts, removing loads of weight and point cutting was… cool? Little did I know that there was so much more artistry to cutting hair than that!

Within Brooks & Brooks training, you learn your classics, and then you can move on to your creative cutting. Getting your core foundations, learning the rules – to then learn how and when to break them.

Until I learned all of this, I hadn’t realised how important it was to do things this way round. The ongoing theme throughout my career so far has been trying to run before I can walk. Before knowing how to even blow dry I was test shooting; before knowing the foundations of how to cut hair, I was breaking the rules and doing something that I thought ‘cool’. On the negative side, once your work is done and out into the world, that’s that, it’s done… and that’s what people will judge your taste and skillset on.

At Brooks & Brooks, when you come to the end of your vardering you have two final tests – your classics and your creative. I always thought that my classic test would be awful, but my creative would hopefully save me. My classic test was the most tasteful work I’d ever produced. My bosses Sally and Jamie Brooks were really surprised at how elegant the work I produced was. Not over complicating anything at all. And that made me fall in love with cutting hair all over again. Less is more. Simple is stunning. And most importantly, classic is cool.

So in my collection I’ve focused on three classic hair cuts – a crop, a firefly and a one length bob. What makes the hair cuts cooler is how they are worn by the model. Sassoon hair cuts were adored in the ‘80s, which led me into styling my models in the ‘80s power suits – portraying simplicity in a powerful form. Make-up wise, we kept it clean but bold, and complimenting each model’s individual character. Photography is clean and clear with experimental angles.

My advice when it comes to preparing for a shoot? Know what you’re doing before doing it. Don’t just wing it! Chances are, there will come obstacles at times in your career where we just have to wing it. But if you can be prepared, it makes your life so much easier.

Secondly, always work with a team that is equally as emotionally involved in the work as you are. All my team for this collection (photographer, make-up artist, models) did this collaboration for free, just for the love of what we do and to produce something beautiful.

Hair: Darcie Harvey, Brooks & Brooks
Make-up: Gina Parr, MAC Cosmetics
Photography: Owen Vincent

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