Colour it like Katie

Hear what Katie had to say about RUSK’s new styling collection

With a whole host of awards under her belt, including 2015 Most Wanted Colour Expert, when it comes to hair (and colour) RUSK UK ambassador Katie Mulcahy knows a thing or two about what it takes to create a great style. Ahead of RUSK’s relaunch, we sat down with Katie to discuss the new products, the latest colour trends and what it takes to pursue a career in colour.

So, tell us about the new styling range.

RUSK have been well known for their colour products for a long time and we really wanted to inject some life into the styling collection too. We spent a long time listening to what people had to say about the products so we could make the right changes. Each product has been completely reformulated and the results really speak for themselves!

What kind of products can we expect to see?

There’s really something for every hair need. The styling collection is broken down into five different categories, which are: Wash, Prep, Finish, Colour and Men’s.

And what’s your absolute hero product?

I really really love the Lusteriser as it’s perfect for making hair super shiny. The only way I can describe it is being ‘healthy hair in a bottle’!

What’s in the new colour styling range?

RUSK have introduced a line of Colour Mousses which is essentially a temporary fashion colour which dries into wet hair. Depending on what your client wants, you can have vivid tones or more subtle pastel hues as the products are completely versatile. You can even have them next to the backwash to use as toners.

What is the best thing about your job?

I’ve always loved being a hairdresser but being particularly focused on colour is great because colour is the most effective way of updating someone’s look. It can be a big change in someone’s life just through their appearance and it’s always fun to be a part of that. I also love working with brands and being involved in product testing and development.

What’s the most difficult part about your job?

Some of the biggest challenges we face as colourists is keeping up with the latest trends. With Instagram, your clients are almost as clued up as you are so it’s really important that as professionals we always have the knowledge and skills we need to be able to recreate these looks.

What current trend or technique do you see or do a lot of?

I love freehand work because it’s almost like art. It’s really unique to the client and hard for another stylist to recreate. There’s so many different ways to create looks as well, so personally it makes you constantly strive to improve your techniques.

What advice would you give to younger stylists who are looking to pursue a career in colour?

I would say to listen more, and to watch. I used to stand around in the salon for hours during my training to just watch the way my colleagues worked. I also assisted and took any opportunity to learn from other people. Nowadays, watching great talent is available right there on your phone, so use this to your advantage!

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