Coralage – step by step by Symon May

by | May 25, 2017 | Education, Techniques

Client can’t get to the Balearic island of Ibiza this summer? Not a problem – you can now give them the hair colour! The Chapel’s Symon May shows us how


Symon created Coralage for lifestyle and make-up blogger, Zoe Newlove, after discussing with her what she wanted to achieve, as well as looking at her lifestyle in a bid to get to the crux of who she really is. He discovered that Zoe spends half of her time in Ibiza, so when she mentioned the shade coral he pictured a Balearic sunset of coral with pink undertones.

“I think clients will like Coralage as it’s a less scary introduction into pastel colour,” explains Symon. “Coral, with a hint of pink, is not as vivid as straight pink or violet. Also, it is a summer-inspired technique, so I envisage this shade on a client sat on a beach with a cocktail. This shade will also fade well in the sun to a honey blonde. Beautiful.”

Step by step:

1) Colour was applied to enrich the roots using Redken’s HD resolution 8.81 mixed with 1.9% release.

2) Redken Free Hand and 9% were then applied using balayage to softly lighten from ends towards the root of the hair. Redken’s PH Bonder #1 was used to maintain the integrity of the hair.

3) Once the colour had developed, hair was rinsed and Redken’s PH Bonder #2 was applied.

4) Hair was then washed and dried, before applying the Redken City Beats colours.

5) Taking a zig zag halo section, a coral mixture of 60mls of Redken’s Clear, with 3cm Midtown Magenta, 2cm West Village Sunset and 1cm Yellow Cab, was applied to this section.

6) Taking diamond sections of the zig zag underneath the halo, 6cm pod Midtown Magenta mixed with Clear was applied to give a kick of pink.

7) It was then left to develop for 20 minutes before rinsing out and styling as required.

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