Cyndia Harvey reveals all you’ve ever wanted to know about session work

Cyndia Harvey, Fudge Professional lead stylist at Katie Eary, Christopher Raeburn and Cottweiler at A|W17 – and IT List Fashionista 2015 – talks trends, kit bag must-haves and the one skill you need to make it as a session stylist

How did you become interested in session styling?

I would look through all the fashion magazines like old issues of The Face, i-D and Italian Vogue and be blown away by the creativity and would think ‘I have to be a part of this world’. At the time I didn’t know how, but I knew I would be.

What skills are necessary for a successful session stylist? 

People skills – if someone feels good around you then they leave your chair feeling great. It’s everything and can set the tone for the entire shoot or show.

Any other tips for working backstage?

Be alert. Think quick and act fast! A lot of last minute decisions are made backstage. For instance, at the Cottweiler A/W17 show the designers and stylist felt the look we produced at the hair test no longer worked with the new direction the styling of the show. So I was told on arrival to come up with a completely different concept on the spot – it ended up being my favourite hair this season!

How do you handle the pressure in a busy backstage environment? 

A good team, preparation and lots of laughs are vital.

Why is Fudge Professional a good match for you as a session stylist? 

Fudge Professional is fearless and that’s exactly how I approach hair.

Which Fudge product is your backstage must-have? 

The Fudge Professional Salt Spray is a must for me! It’s so versatile and just makes everything look great; it was used to finish off the 70s sleepy bedheads at the Katie Eary A/W17 show. My kitbag contains a whole lot of Fudge – it’s as if #planetF erupted!

What trends are going to be big this season? 

A ‘no-trend season’ is going to be the big trend! I think individuality is going to be key. Everyone will express themselves freely without consciousness of what is filtered through the media. It will keep all hairstylists on their toes, especially in a salon environment – how exciting will that be?