How to double your business without one new guest, upgrade or take-home sale

Want to improve your salon re-booking rate, but struggling to work out how? Here’s why rebooking is essential to your salon’s profit – and how to educate, mentor and motivate your team to rebook. Small steps, big results!

When I was in beauty school, my teachers told me I would need 500 clients to be successful. What I see now is that we actually need 200 guests enjoying more services, so fewer guests with more meaning. By getting your guests to come in just one extra time per year, you will increase your revenue by 20%.

Here are three examples of hairdressers with an average service ticket of £60, £80 and £100 per guest, and the increase in revenue you will enjoy by having those guests increase their frequency of visit.

At the Robert Cromeans Salons we use an automatic reservation system, which is a dry erase mirror cling that says, “We automatically make your future reservation.” Just below that it has the dates listed for 4, 6, 8 and 10 weeks from that exact day, so while the guest is in the chair that is what they see. It automatically has the guest reacting to it, naturally bringing up the subject of pre-booking between the guest and the stylist!

An average man visits the salon seven times per year; simply by cutting men’s hair shorter this will increase the regularity of your male customers.

The blow-dry ad attached is hanging in our salon, giving our guests all the reasons they need to come back to the salon in between their regularly scheduled visits.

Finally, watch this video and enjoy the numbers!


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