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by | Jun 17, 2018 | Backstage & Session, Education

From the great outdoors to Italo pop and iconic mullets, see some of the standout looks at London Fashion Week Men’s S/S19 season


John Vial for American Crew

John Vial is making mullets mainstream once more with his take on the iconic ‘80s look for Iceberg. The collection fused an Italian love of Formula One and Italo pop with dance meets football and London attitude, quite the mix. It was also an ode to the past with one eye on the future; something the hair summed up nicely in its mix of ‘80s skinheads and point cut, disconnected mullets. To help him create the looks, John Vial had on hand American Crew Alternator, American Crew Spray Gel and American Crew Tech Series Flexible Hold Mousse. Stay cool.


Jan Przemyk for AOFM using R+Co

‘The Outside’ was the title of the latest show from the Danish design duo. “The hair was conceived by trying to create a texture that reflected being out in the elements of the great outdoors, inspired by being caught in the rain and leaving your hair to dry without touching it, so there was a lot of movement but not any real volume,” commented Przemyk. Hair was dampened with R+Co One Prep Spray, then a light misting of R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray or Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist, before being hand-dried with cold air. The lived-out looks were finished with the R+Co Trophy Shine + Texture Spray.

Christopher Raeburn

Brendan O’Sullivan for British Hair

Raeburn’s React Now collection was a call to action, to pay attention to our changing times environmentally, politically and socially. In keeping with this progressive theme, Brendan O’Sullivan for British Hair and his creative team kept the hair clean and back from the face, then gelled to achieve a wet look. Coloured stripes were added in silver, white and red, tying into tones within the collection.


Matt Mulhall for Fudge Professional

Tattooed hillbillies hit up Sin City at Liam Hodges, where every model was given a messed up mullet and donned a flash-trash attitude. To make the men look like they’d just stepped off the plane after a heavy night in Vegas – but were still keen to keep the party going – lead stylist Matt Mulhall misted hair with water, then applied a generous amount of Fudge Professional Vinyl Pomade from the roots through to the ends. Next, he pulled the hair back, using his palms to flatten it as he went, to create a dirt, limp look. Using barrettes and Fudge Professional Skyscraper Extra hairspray, the sides were secured to add to the head-hugging, sweated-and slept-in effect.

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