Eastern promise – Team Brooks & Brooks hit Shanghai

by | 26 Jul 2018

Following an outstanding presentation at Salon Smart 2018, Grace Dalgleish and Marlon Hawkins, both of Brooks & Brooks, were flown by Creative HEAD to Shanghai, China, to take part in the annual Asian Hairdesigner Festival. Attended by some 20,000 Chinese hair professionals, alongside leading teams from across Asia, the AHF was a chance for Marlon and Grace to show off the kind of skills that are still rare to find in China – edgy yet subtle colour and a multitude of beautiful braids…

“The looks that we presented in Shanghai represent our strengths as individuals and our company Brooks & Brooks,” said Grace. “The love of colour, fashion and avant-garde was key for what we wanted to showcase. We loved taking a little bit of London to Shanghai, and it felt amazing to get such a great response.”

“Funnily enough, when we do a hair show it’s not just about the hair,” Marlon added. “In fact, hair is a small percentage. Designing concepts, model castings, choreography, dealing with language barriers/translators, show reels and different hair types – it takes a lot of preparation and experience. Working as a duo is great though as you’ve always got each other’s backs!”

“We have always been taught that your fundamental techniques are key,” the pair agreed. “This means when you are on a job you can deal with any type of situation.”

“The reason Marlon is so great at braiding is because he practises and repeats. Grace creates beautiful bespoke colour because she learns her craft. We go on a job with ideas but the most important thing is suitability so we always are open to allowing change.”

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