Education, education, education

When it comes to great customer service, consistency is key. And consistent service quality requires in-depth knowledge of the products and tools you are working with.

Organic Colour Systems’ unique green science and methodology sets them apart from competitors, and it’s important that you know how to use their products properly to get the very best from them in salon. To help, the brand runs workshops that focus on the health and condition of the hair first and foremost, with Salon Mentors teaching you how to analyse your clients’ hair using a ‘Wet Stretch Test’, followed by a lesson in detoxing and pre-treating the hair. All this before you even begin to apply colour!

The Organic Colour Systems Education Programme thereafter consists of 4 core workshops – The Fundamentals, Resistant Grey, Blondes and Fashion Colours – each lead by a Salon Mentor. The brand encourages every stylist who uses their products to attend each one of them in order to gain proper training in the system.

Meet your education guides – the Salon Mentors

OCS’s global Salon Mentor Team are the guru’s of all things Organic Colour Systems and what they don’t know isn’t worth knowing. The majority are salon owners or stylists just like you, with many years practise in working with the brand’s ‘System’. OCS believe that you can’t beat learning from someone who has been in your shoes, so couldn’t think of anyone better to have at the helm of their education programme.

The Salon Mentor Team are there to help and guide you from when you first start working with Organic Colour Systems and beyond! Whether it’s at one of their workshops, at an in-salon training event or even over the phone, OCS Salon Mentors are always on-hand to answer any questions you might have so that you can go forward confidently.

The workshops

Fundamentals Workshop
Who OCS are and what they do

Learn the fundamental principles of Organic Colour Systems, how it works as a ‘System’ and how to use it to get the best results in salon

Resistant Greys Workshop
Achieve perfect coverage on stubborn greys

Gone are the days where natural hair colour only tones and disguises those stubborn greys. Learn how Organic Colour Systems products can create beautiful healthy hair with 100% coverage.

Blondes Workshop
Clean blondes and beautiful toners

In OCS’s Blondes Workshop, you’ll learn and understand how Organic Colour Systems can help you achieve the best results for your blonde clients.

Fashion Colours Workshop
Push the boundaries, break the mould

Mix, formulate and explore the wild side of Organic Colour Systems. Bold and bright or soft pastel palettes. The possibilities are limitless.

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