This has been my most successful collection ever – focusing on female icons

This is based on a young Raquel Welch. The hair was vertically layered and graduated at the back to chin length and razored on the outline. To finish I used my Errol Douglas infrared straighteners to put a bit of a bend in the hair.

Our modern Bardot. The beauty of this look is in the finish – it’s rough-dried and then gone over with a big round brush and finally blasted with the dryer!

This is our Grace Jones, pin frizzed with big pins and strong hairspray. We left it to set and then used our fingers to gently style it into shape.

This is our modern version of Farrah Fawcett. A beautiful one-length cut was layered around the perimeter and internally. I also embossed (crimped) the whole head. We used an amazing salt spray and when the hair dried it looked free and wild.

This graduated Bowie undercut was created with textured layers around the top and buzzed-off sides. I used mousse before blasting the hair dry with my Errol Douglas infrared hairdryer.

This look celebrates Marlene Dietrich. The hair was gelled first and then pushed into waves, and the ends were left to dry naturally, which gave them that slightly pointy effect.

This is our modern Toyah Wilcox – an internal blunt disconnected bob. The hair was straightened with Errol Douglas infrared straighteners and finished with shine spray.

A celebration of the 80’s! This one-length cut was stepped on the side to create a triangular internal shape. The hair was blast-dried and then embossed with a medium crimper.