Hair and oceanography don’t often mix, but Ashleigh Hodges proves that when they do, the results can be magical. Here she explains the inspiration behind her latest shoot, ‘Ethereal’.

“My inspiration for this collection really began with my holidays in Northumberland. I love going there in February when it’s really cold, raw and rugged. All the beaches are deserted, and I just love strolling across them, seeing what’s been washed up.

“I really wanted to work with things from the sea and explore that really unique, weathered texture you see on surfaces. I started researching, reading up on ocean life and as I love David Attenborough, I started watching a lot of his series, Blue Planet.

“I totally fell in love with the deep sea creatures featured in the documentaries – the translucency of them and the amazing textures and colours that shone through. In particular, there was this beautiful seahorse that one of the looks was inspired by, which does this lovely mating dance. It’s just so serene… all these creatures sort of glide through the water in an almost magical way, which is where the name for the collection came from.

“I really wanted to showcase that combination of ghostly colours and textures, and such graceful, peaceful movement in the way I styled the hair. I made sure you could sense light and see through each of the pieces to really get an understanding of the mechanics of the shapes as well as the beauty of them.

Ashleigh Hodges for Jamie Stevens, using Matrix
Make-Up: Gemma Kimmings
Photography: Barry Jeffery
Styling: Mash Mombelli

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