Exaggerate to educate

Session stylist extraordinaire – and Schwarzkopf Professional global ambassador – Tyler Johnston shares his top tips on creating a show fit for a European audience…

“For stage work it’s important to ensure the hair can be seen; everything needs to be a little more exaggerated”
 “Essential Looks from Schwarzkopf Professional educates the professional hairdresser on the latest cut, colour and styling trends while offering genuine inspiration for clients. To be involved in the creation of these collections means I’m involved in educating. When you have a lot of experience, the ability to give back and encourage young hairdressers to follow their dreams and progress within their trade is so important.  

“Leading up to the European Essential Looks Show in London, I worked closely with the production team, especially with the producer on the running order, choosing the music with Schwarzkopf Professional creative director, Simon Ellis, and casting the models. I like to be involved in every aspect of the show, pulling a strong team together.

“We had three models per Essential Looks trend: Opulent, Beat Icon and Colorama. For me it was all about cut and styling while Schwarzkopf Professional global ambassador Lesley Jennison showed colour techniques.

“For the Opulent collection, we created sophisticated hairstyles with an upbeat glamour. The whole collection was a nod to the 1940s, yet we used classic forms of hairdressing with classic techniques and modern textures. Hair was styled slightly undone but still retaining ultra-glamour.
“The Beat Icon collection channels edgy, mod girls. With a focus on fringes, hair had a contrast of textures, and also showcased laminated clean lines and bold shapes.
“Colorama takes colour and styling up a level. This collection was about futuristic superheroes, and the looks were inspired by cartoons and animation. Hair was directional, individual and brave.

“For stage work it’s important to ensure the hair can be seen; everything needs to be a little more exaggerated, the styling needs to be stronger and visually the hair needs to pack more punch and power. For this show, I felt we needed to add that little bit extra to the looks, instead of just recreating the collection, it was about bringing the collection to life and evolving it.

“When prepping for such a show, you need to be clear on what the message is and what you are presenting. Think about what you’re doing and think about how the hair will be perceived. Who is your audience? Have they seen the collection before?

“Timing is always an issue, but I’m very strict and communication is key! I have a voice when working with producers and choreographers so this ensures the show goes as smoothly as possible from the organising, to the prep and then the actual show.”