Finally. Wedding hair we covet

Session stylist Syd Hayes aces a cool-girl up-do
for bridesmaids or wedding guests.

This is a very simple but chic wedding hair-up, for a bridesmaid or guest. It has a little detail created by the structure of the braid at the back, while the easiness of the twisted high chignon adds an undone bun-type touch.

Inspiration for this look comes from a countryside boho-style wedding meets the coolness of festival glamour.


I never like to be to set in my way with accessories; it’s so important to look at the shape and style of the hair you are working with. Play with accessories, and don’t be scared sometimes to add a few more. (In this case, Syd chose a cute velvet black bow – that is all).

Big tip is when you’re braiding your hair from the nape of the neck up, make sure you work under as you braid so that it stands out from the head (reverse French braid, or Dutch braid).

Another tip is once you have finished, pull a few little baby hairs out to make it feel slightly looser and give it that cool edge.


Syd created this look live for The Coterie: In Session.

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