Finding creative inspiration

My creations can come from the strangest places…

Real people are my biggest inspiration and quite often it’s wrong/bad hair where I see strange beauty. I’m always on the look-out where ever I go – and I travel a lot, so that helps.

The guy with the punk hair was at a gig I went to in the summer. The mullet lady was in Berlin and the guy with the grey and black hair was on the slot machines in Vegas!

These two videos were from the shops in Positano. I love the bad curls on the girls at the catwalk show. The cut-out mannequins with those 1970s exaggerated flicks are brilliant.

I have always been interested in the past. My knowledge of pop culture and history is really strong. I think if you want to be a session hairstylist it’s important to teach yourself about different eras. It helps massively with your research and there’s no point getting inspiration from another current hairstylist’s work. You will just end up imitating it.