Flirtatious colour

Hooker & Young’s creative thinking behind model Deeann’s flirtatious colours


Concept: Using soft tones to create a high-contrast look with depth at the roots and luminous texture

Key words: Dusty, fun, flirtatious

Colour palette: IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Disheveled Nudes 8-176 + Igora Royal Oil Developer 3% (root area). To top section (mid-length and ends) apply IGORA #Royaltakeover Disheveled Nudes 12-481 + Igora Royal Oil Developer 12% and Igora Vario Blonde Lightener + 3% to alternate sections


Concept: Create a flattened out multi-tonal result with light and shade

Key words: Soft, muted, relaxed,

Colour palette : IGORA #Royaltakeover 8-211 + Igora Royal Oil Developer 3% (root area), IGORA #RoyalTakeOver 9-5-314 with Igora Royal Oil Developer 3% throughout top section

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