Four in one, let’s have fun

“This shoot is a follow up to an Instagram project of mine from last year, where I cut a client’s hair six different ways in six weeks. This time, we styled four looks in one day, and again it was all done on a real client of mine. Because of that brief, there had to be a degree of adaptive thinking. Four different looks on one individual in one day has to be planned and worked out, but when you set about the task you really do have to be flexible. I’d already specified which products and colours we’d use so again an adaptive plan was vital . And as I wanted to use a real Laundry client, we had to wait until we had one that didn’t mind ending up with a green crop!

I’ve taken a more active role in the Laundry instagram account, and to be fair, I’m not sure it’s ideal as I’m a 50ish year old man. However, the view I take is the salon is effectively built in mine and my business partner Tim Hubbard’s image, so perhaps our Instagram should have that feel as part of it. Although it’s a vital tool and is brilliant at letting people know what you do and how you do it, I like a story to go with the picture. The vast majority of users seem more interested in the countless number of bikini-clad fitness models than they are in stunning hairdos!

We have just moved to Redken as our product partner, and to support our Instagram project, we shot a film on the day that included a piece to camera by me. Why? Well, the driver of the shoot is to make the point that we, the salon, have a responsibility to get our manufacturing  partner’s attention, and more often than not, simply Instagramming and sitting back, waiting for a response, is both lazy and throw away. I believe some thought and effort is really required. If we want something else to happen with our product partner, we have to be prepared to expose our attempt to get attention! Who knows where it might leads, but it all illustrates that we are creative, we utilise social media to share our work and push our brand, and we’re keen to get disruptive and do more!

Hair by Mitchell Wilson for Laundry, assisted by Jake Richmond-Brough and Gareth McAughley
Photography by Nick Eagle

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