‘Freeflo’ by Dale Hollinshead at Hazel & Haydn

“This collection celebrates the freeness of hair. The shoot captures us allowing hair to move and become alive. Classic shapes are awakened by updating with an undone and textured feel that keeps it fresh yet still beautiful.”

Hair: Dale Hollinshead at Hazel & Haydn, Birmingham
Photographer: Garazi Gardner
Make-up: Rebecca Francis
Styling: Jane Kennedy

Let’s take a closer look with Dale…

“The Bardot fringe has been a big trend so far for 2017 and with Kimi we wanted to give this look a modern finish with lots of shine and gloss. Hair was prepped using Urban Moisture by Shu Uemura Art of Hair, combed through then we towel dried the hair ensuring that we squeezed rather than rubbed so as to protect the cuticle. Once the excess water was squeezed out, we applied Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s Wonder Worker prep spray to tame frizz, detangle and condition, plus applied ample Angora Mousse to give a little volume and hold.

“Hair was blow-dried to ensure root lift and a Velcro roller was added to each section. By doing this when the hair is still hot from the dryer, it will then cool onto the roller giving a longer lasting effect. All of the rollers were applied in a non-uniform approach away from the face and then we applied rollers to the fringe in the opposite direction.

“After leaving hair to cool for 20 minutes, I used a Mason & Pearson to really brush everything out, and then blasted hair again, in all directions, with the dryer. Finally I used my fingers to place hair exactly where I wanted. Don’t be scared to mess – if the prep is done correctly the hair will remember its place and the key with this is that it’s a little messy anyway!”

“2017 has seen a return to super straight hair, so for ultra healthy-looking hair, it’s all about the perfect blowdry. Start with a good shampoo and conditioner and then spend your time combing through, smoothing all of those cuticles. Make sure you prep. On Yasmin we used Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s Ample Angora mousse, which gives hold but also retains shine and flexibility.

“Then from root to tip, smooth the cuticles with the airflow of the dryer. You need this to be pointing down so the air is gliding over the top of the hair. And take your time! The perfect blowdry can’t be rushed. Then if you need to, just go over the ends with the irons on a low heat. I tend to put a fine-tooth comb in front of the iron to make it as smooth and glossy as possible.

“On the shoot for this look, we started on a side parting then we worked into the middle and used a little wind to create movement. Then we worked the hair to one side and created a mid-section plait leaving the root and ends straight, then just put a tiny bit of wind in the end of the side pony plait.”


“London Fashion Week A/W17 saw Ashley Williams using jewellery hair accessories, and for these to stay securely in the hair you need a decent amount of texture.

“For Sophie, we wanted a matte finish with lots of natural texture. After applying mousse, we finger-dried the hair into the shape we wanted. We didn’t use a brush as this would have created too much natural shine, losing the matte finish we wanted. In the shoot we started with a small amount of product and then worked it in gradually. This ensures you can get as many looks as you can! For example we started started with a smoother finish, then added added in Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s Volume Maker to give us more texture. As this product comes with a handy make-up brush, it’s super easy to use and to get it in the right direction.

“Don’t be scared to scrunch the hair with your fingers, making it look really quite messy, and then after pull the hair into shape. It will leave you with an undone look that’s also a big trend for 2017.”


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