From long to pomp

When Jake decided he wanted to cut off 17 inches from his hair – untouched for 20 years! – and rock a ‘50s style pomp, Creative HEAD Education asked Ruffians to document the journey…

When you’ve had the same haircut most of your adult life, it’s a big step to try something entirely different, but that’s exactly what Jake Jonsson decided to do. He wanted rid of those l-o-n-g locks he’d be growing since he was 19, and was laser-focused on sporting a rockabilly pomp that would have made Elvis proud (and donating his chopped lengths to The Little Princess Trust – what a nice man!).

“I’ve had those long, long locks more than half my life and they’d become kind of part of my character, so a drastic change like this took at lot of humming and hawing over a very long time,” admits Jake. “I was a little apprehensive, as I didn’t want to end up with something boring and drab. But the time had come, plus, I really wanted to donate my hair.”

In stepped Matt Gavin, barber extraordinaire at Ruffians. Here, he talks us through how he took Jake from metal head to retro rocker!


Jake’s verdict…

“Matt did a fantastic job,
cut my hair exactly how I wanted it
and gave me much-needed
instructions on how to maintain it…
I’m still a metal head though!”




Hair by Matt Gavin at Ruffians
Photography by Eva Vestmann

If you’d like to know more about The Little Princess Trust and making donations using your clients’ hair, click here


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