From pins to ponies

Braids, knots, twists – US Redken Education Artistic Director, Sam Villa, is a dab hand at them all. Backstage at Redken Symposium in Las Vegas, Sam shared a few of his “hair hacks”…

“People want simple, easy ways of doing things – I’m all about hair hacks! Here’s a belt buckle – instead of using a hair elastic, use this. Pull back a ponytail with four elastics – it gives you control, and you can pop toe rings to hide the elastics, and they look great as accessories. It’s about adding various accessories to add visual value to a finish.

“It’s about simple little things – buckles, toe rings, earrings… simple things you have already or can buy cheaply, instead of an official ‘hair accessory’. I have a ‘toy box’ – I spend hours in craft stores, and I can open this box up and have lots to choose from. Little butterflies, buttons…

“It’s also about research, thinking outside the box for something visually different. Horses braids, sailors’ knots, macramé… take the mechanics and use hair as your fibre instead. Then show your clients! It might be little ideas that will have a big impact. Grab Redken Power Grip, and shake some in a bowl. Put your hair pins in there and shake it up. That’s going to give you the tack you need for your pins to stay in place. Or with Redken Braid Aid, coat a hair elastic in it, then when you tie hair back, it acts as a buffer for the cuticle. You’ll still get an indentation but you get it wet, it comes out.

“People buy ‘people’, and then they buy ‘things’ – it’s about making the connection with the client, giving them value, simple ideas that they can use. You business will thank you for it!”


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