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As a men’s hairdressing educator with my own academy, app and a global presence on the seminar and show circuit, I reckon I know a thing or two about education…

Create a salon environment that is dedicated to helping your stylists expand on their knowledge. Keep them engaged and excited by doing regular training sessions, and also take them to shows and seminars where they can learn from the best. This is especially great for younger team members as it keeps them inspired! If any team members can’t go, have the attendees present back to the team to share what they’ve learnt – bonus presentation skills!

Invest in a few barbering magazine subscriptions and encourage the team to look through regularly. Not only will they educate themselves about the barbering world, they’ll get a good idea of the kind of techniques they’d like to learn more of and the products they’d like to try out. Spending some time looking into popular barbering social media accounts in training sessions can also be beneficial – and it’s free!

Training doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. I have my free Foss Academy app, my YouTube channel and an online school, covering practical, theory, retail, how to sell, how to increase client spend, and much more. All of my materials are about training the trainer, so that you can educate better and help your team develop. That way, salon owners can take control of the best ways to teach their team, tailoring their education to the way they work and the way their team learn.

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