Marketing and promoting doesn’t come naturally to many, but with the advent of social media, those who shout the loudest are the ones most likely to be heard. The same is true when it comes to business. Straight-up ads and promotional campaigns no longer cut it and businesses need to think of ever more creative ways to attract and keep clients. So, where to begin? Start by deciding on what you can improve on to bring you closer to your clients, advises Juliusz Dzierlatka, business development specialist for salon management software company, Versum.

1) Know your clients

To deliver high-quality services and plan effective marketing actions, it’s vital you know who your customers are and familiarise yourself with their needs. Investing some time in analysing who your customers really are says a lot about your business as each customer is unique. Customer appointment history (preferably stored in web-based salon software) lets you know how much your customers spend, how often they return and what services they use. Your customer appointment history should be your go-to for individual preferences and needs – such as favourite hair colour, hair stylists, time for appointment etc. With all of this information, you hit the bullseye, making marketing campaigns precise and keeping clients with you.

2) Make your website work for you

Some people think that local businesses don’t really need a website, but more than 70 per cent of consumers say that the information they find online makes them visit a particular place. Create a well-designed and easy to navigate website that underlines the quality of your services. Don’t forget to publish your contact details, services and price list. Remember to keep your website alive – show off your new offers, promotions and latest work. Give your salon an adrenaline boost with an integrated online booking system – your customers will have access to book 24/7 and you’ll be able to take a break from incoming phone calls.  

3) Talk to your clients

Regular contact with clients is essential in maintaining an excellent reputation and improving your marketing effectiveness. Automatic appointment reminders are a perfect example of this. They are sent straight from your salon management software, keep you in touch with your clients and simultaneously help reduce no-shows by up to 70 per cent.

Messaging is also highly beneficial for promotional campaigns, allowing you to offer your clients discounts or exclusive monthly offers. This can be done via text message or email, depending on the length and goal of your message. Nearly 100 per cent of all messages sent via the phone are read by the receiver, but remember text messaging should not be used excessively. For more detailed information, such as description of new treatments, send your message via email. In both cases, all messages should be sent with a reliable salon software. Each customer is unique and this tool will help you personalise messages sent to them.

4) Gather positive recommendations

Positive client feedback is the most authentic and effective form of advertising. Without a doubt, you have many satisfied clients who would be willing to share their positive experiences at your salon, so give them the chance to do so. With the right software, you can publish favourable feedback on your salon’s website, in the online booking panel and social media profiles. That way you will become more prominent online and your message will reach a bigger group of potential clients. Modern salon and spa management software, such as Versum will automatically send each customer who used your salon’s services an email with a feedback request.

5) Where to start

The most successful salons know that communicating effectively and regularly with clients is crucial in order for their business to prosper. They are appreciative, knowing that their favourite salon treats them individually. In return, they become your ideal marketer, letting friends and family know about the excellent services you provide. With the proper toolkit – salon and spa software – you can start connecting with clients right away, such as sending thank you messages and automatic appointment reminders.