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Following two decades of education and salon experience, Dove Palmer and Jean-Baptise Mazella created Mazella&Palmer as a unique teaching concept that makes education accessible and relevant to hairdressers at all levels.  Regularly creating hair collections and developing educational courses, Mazella&Palmer present around the globe and their work appears in countless hair magazines. Mazella&Palmer collaborate with cool cult hair brand Fudge Professional, in the form of hair collections, education and shows.




‘The Alchemist’ – my first step with spirituality

‘Who Moved my Cheese?’  by Dr Spencer Johnson – It’s been a great help with adapting to changes in my life

‘The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’ by Sogyal Rinpoche – It’s followed me all my life; I love reading about religion as the essence is about love and compassion

‘Laroussse Gastronomique’ – Because food and wine are my second passion and it is a very similar craft, it is all about having a solid foundation…

‘The Plague’ by Albert Camus – Simply because the guy is a genius and this book was the only compulsory text I enjoyed at school


‘I am Legend’ by Richard Matheson – A great short story that takes you deep into a man’s nightmarish vision of the future, told in graphic detail.

‘The Stainless Steel Rat’ by Harry Harrison – A fun book telling the story of a futuristic conman and his adventures.

Most of my reading has been done through comics. I am a big fan of DC and Marvel and have been collecting for years. Here are a few of my favourite stories:

‘The Dark Night Returns’ by Frank Miller – This story takes place in an alternate universe. It’s a tale of an older, wiser Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement to fight the good fight.

‘All Star Superman’ by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly  – After being poisoned by sun radiation, Superman decides to fulfil his dreams before he dies.




France – Not just because it is home but because of the geographical varieties throughout the country. All those different seasides, mountains, volcanoes, etc… It is truly an amazing country to visit if there are no strikes with the trains or other public transport…Oui, c’est la merde sometimes!

England – As London adopted me more than 15 years ago. I love everything about the place: freedom of expression, fashion, cosmopolitanism. It is the place where I have lived all my adult life!

Thailand – Going there a few times a year for work, I just love the place,  especially the food, I’d kill for a Tom Yum right now!

Australia – Just amazing weather all year around, bonkers people and joie de vivre! I’d move there tomorrow if I could!

Finland – What can I say? Brilliant and friendly people, best educational system in the world, two months of holidays every summer, and the list goes on…


Japan, Finland, Korea, USA and Greece, to name a few. Each of these countries has something special, whether it’s beautiful countryside with clean lakes and snow as white as can be, or a strong culture that mixes tradition with the latest technology…




‘L’ecole du micro d’argent’ – I used to be a hip-hop DJ a while back, and French Rap played a huge part in my youth. “I AM” is for me the best French group and this album is just legend!

‘DoggyStyle’ – You gotta love Snoop! Amazing album, must have played it a million times!

‘Californication’ –  Red hot, my first step into rock. Never used to like it before I heard this album

‘Voodooooism’ – I am a big fan of Reggae, saw Lee Scratch Perry live a few times, crazy good!

‘Serge Gainsbourg’ – For me, the god of music and ahead of his time.  Serge has produced some of the most incredible sounds from the 60’s to the 90’s


Elvis Presley ‘That’s The Way It Is‘  – This is a great album that gives you Elvis at his best.

The Lumineers ‘Deluxe Version’ – I love the simplicity of this folk rock sound, it just makes me feel happy.

Badly Drawn Boy ‘The Hour of the Bewilderbeast’ – This album brings back deep memories of the time when I was training, and the friends that were around me.

Johnny Cash ‘The Man Comes Around’ – This was Cash’s last album. It holds a lot of emotion through the depth in his voice and choice of songs.

Neil Diamond ‘Hot August Night’ – This is a live album that I discovered from a charity shop. When I listened to it I felt like I was there at that hot August night – a great concert.


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