In my kitbag

I never leave home without…


chedu_giannikitbag1My Japanese scissors, designed and given to me by my close friend and mentor Takahiro Uemura (they come everywhere with me) and one of many pairs of Wings.
chedu_giannikitbag2The green Cesibon comb – it handles hair with wonderful sensitivity. This was my first one given to me by Tim Hartley when I was 19.

chedu_giannikitbag3Japanese Geisha bone combs. They are handmade and smooth the cuticle beyond any other comb I have used.
chedu_giannikitbag4The Vess brush– I always carry a range of different sizes and materials.

chedu_giannikitbag5Beauy red and blue combs / a selection of barbering combs with different flexibility and this one-off jumbo given to me by my dad when I was 14.
chedu_giannikitbag6No label adjustable face and neck brush. Had it since I was 16.

chedu_giannikitbag7Water spray – a super-fine spray I collected from a flea market in Scotland.
chedu_giannikitbag83in sectioning clip – my favourite clips with a higher tension from NYC.

chedu_giannikitbag9Japanese wooden tail comb.
chedu_giannikitbag10Japanese wooden mini grooming comb.

chedu_giannikitbag11My grandfather and father’s clippers handed down to me – no pressure!
chedu_giannikitbag12Clipper original maintenance kit.

chedu_giannikitbag14YS Park neck fitter (0.6mm). I always carry a spare.
chedu_giannikitbag15Textured grips. I try to collect grips from wherever I travel.

chedu_giannikitbag13The original Wigotaifun hairdryer (500w). Amazing for handling hairlines.