Quick-fire quiz


Name three places that are guaranteed sources of inspiration for you

The black sands of Karekare, New Zealand, the sound scape of Michael Nyman and anything by Massimo Bottura.

If I could work with one person, it would be…

My Italian Nonno Gianni… I would have loved to see where I am from, first hand!

What’s the one piece of advice you would pass on to any hairdresser looking for fresh ideas?

Let go… It’s your sub-conscious mind that will find them first.

What infuriates you about modern hairdressing?

There seems to be more focus on how to capture an image within the phone handset than what is actually created within the hands!

Finish this sentence: young ambitious hairdressers today need to…?

… Remain fearless and always remember the value of integrity.

The look you wished you’d created?

The Havington by Roger Thompson. There’s something in it I deeply identify with but after 20 years of it always hanging somewhere in my home it’s still a mystery, which I love.

I’ll never tire of…

Watching hair being cut really well.

How do you first approach any new project?

Emotionally. It has to come from the heart. I then walk away… And if it still feels the same when I come back… I begin development.

If I hadn’t been a hairdresser, I would have…

… Worked with people and something visual… possibly film.

The most exciting place I’ve worked was…

David Hockney’s home studio in Los Angeles. His paintings were still wet on the wall and I stayed for dinner.