How to boost your male clientele

by | 30 Aug 2016

The typical salon environment can be a daunting place for a man! Many feel more comfortable heading into a barbershop. So how can you make your salon more of a male-friendly zone?

A lot of men may not even be aware that they can get a great men’s hairdressing service at your salon. Make sure you and your team use social media to show off your male hairdressing knowledge and expertise. Posting about male retail products available within your salon and how to use them is a good way to grab attention, along with taking photos of any male clients and posting them.

Spend some of your training time looking at successful male grooming social media accounts and consider what you could do to emulate them. Having a blog on your salon website where you can talk about male-specific issues and trends is also effective. Anything that puts across the point that you can offer them a good service and that you are a balanced salon is worth doing.

Create a welcoming environment! Having images that are designed for men will always help them to feel more welcome. It will also attract potential male clients who may not have thought to visit you before. Male-specific imagery gives your salon credibility and will help install trust from the get-go. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your team can talk ‘man talk’. Whether it’s men’s hair terminology, or simply men-specific interests, little things like this can make a man feel more comfortable in your salon.

Often, a salon can feel like a woman’s world. For this reason, help your team feel comfortable with a male clientele. Host regular events or training evenings at your salon with both team and clients. Not only will men have the opportunity to get familiar with your salon environment, making it easier for them to come in for appointments, but they’ll get to know your stylists and hopefully find the right one for them. Once male clients find a stylist they like, they tend to stick with them for life, which is why it’s so important to target them in the right way and secure their repeat business.

Never underestimate retail. Have your male-specific products on display – if a man can come and get his hair cut, be recommended the perfect product and then buy it all in the same place, then he’s going to be happy. Another great tip is to sell products available for gifting, such as shaving sets. If women are generally the ones visiting your salon and purchasing retail, consider that they’ll be picking products up for their partners or family members.

Lastly, take the time to share with your team the benefits of having a diverse clientele. Discourage them from just wanting to cut women’s hair or vice-versa. The more they understand the differences between male and female clients, the better. This doesn’t just apply to the practical – men tend to be more benefit-orientated when it comes to products. They want to know what it will do and how it can help them, so ensure your team are confident in providing the right knowledge and advice on products so that male clients will see them as an expert. Even if not everyone in the salon is the best technical men’s hairdresser, they can still have the expertise to recommend and advise to male clients with confidence.

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